Bowden Road aka “Demons Road” and Martha Chapel Cemetery

By Patrick Theriot | Sep 17, 2018

Bowden Road aka “Demons Road” and Martha Chapel Cemetery have been called the most haunted road and cemetery in the state of Texas, maybe the country.

Black Swan Inn

By Patrick Theriot | Aug 21, 2018

Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, TX is as beautiful as it is haunted. The now Wedding Venue is located on the street named after one of its previous owners Holbrook.

Did Billy the Kid Really Die

By Patrick Theriot | Jul 19, 2018

Did Billy the Kid really die by the hands of Pat Garrett? A small town 70 miles NW of Waco, Texas is the final resting place of a man named Ollie “Brushy Bill” Roberts?

Old Lavaca County Jail

By Patrick Theriot | Jun 9, 2018

Old Lavaca County Jail was the second oldest operating jail in Texas. It was built in 1885, and didn’t slam that last jail cell shut and close its doors until 2005.

The Haunted Jefferson Hotel

By Patrick Theriot | May 14, 2018

Jefferson Hotel is located in arguably one of the most haunted towns in Texas.

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