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Documenting The Paranormal and Exploring The Unknown

GTX Team Photo 2023-10-31-C
Patrick 2023-10-31


For over three decades, my fascination with the paranormal has driven my quest to understand the unexplained. I've dedicated the past 15 years of my life to the in-depth investigation of ghostly phenomena. During this journey, I established a team of seasoned experts in the field – individuals I've had the privilege of knowing for a quarter of a century. Our primary mission is to explore and meticulously record compelling evidence, which we eagerly share with you.

Melvin 2023-10-31


The intrigue of paranormal activity has always held me captive. As a dedicated photographer and videographer, I make it my mission to seize the enigmatic and the unexplainable through my lenses. Sometimes, our investigations reveal rational explanations, but there are those extraordinary moments where the mysteries persist, leaving us in awe.

Morgan 2023-10-31



The paranormal has always been intriguing to me; the history, the cause and effect of life and death events, and the continuation of energy. I serve as the bridge between history, the living, the dead, and the unknown, by digging into the past and bringing to light the stories and history of events that have lead entities to where they are now. I do this by investing in the past and present.

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