Ghostly Presence Said to Haunt La Carafe

Ghostly Presence Said to Haunt La Carafe

Located in Downtown Houston, Texas

Located in the heart of downtown Houston, La Carafe is a bar with a history as rich and storied as the city itself. But along with its history and character comes a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the city.

The building that houses La Carafe has stood in its current location since the mid-1800s, and has served as a saloon, a grocery store, and even a brothel at different points in its history. It is said to be the oldest standing commercial building in Houston, and its rough stone walls and creaky wood floors give it a distinctly old-world feel.

But it is not just the age of the building that adds to its haunted reputation. There have been numerous reports of strange occurrences and ghostly encounters by both employees and patrons of the bar. One of the most commonly reported ghostly residents of La Carafe is a woman who is said to have died in a fire in the building. Her ghost is often seen in the upstairs rooms, and some say that she can be heard weeping and wailing late at night.

Another ghostly presence that is said to haunt La Carafe is that of a former bartender who worked at the bar in the 1960s. He is often seen standing behind the bar, tending to the needs of the ghostly patrons that are said to frequent the establishment.

In addition to these two ghosts, there have also been reports of other strange occurrences at La Carafe. Patrons have reported seeing objects move on their own, hearing footsteps and strange noises, and even feeling like they are being watched.

Despite its reputation as a haunted place, La Carafe remains a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Many people visit the bar just to experience the spooky atmosphere and see if they can catch a glimpse of one of the ghostly residents. If you're feeling brave, stop by La Carafe for a drink and see if you can spot any of the ghosts that are said to haunt the historic building. Just don't be surprised if you have a spooky encounter of your own!


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