Shadow Figure Caught at The Old San Jacinto County Jail in Coldspring, TX | Ghost Texas E4 Part 2

San Jancinto County Jail and Museum

Located In San Jacinto County

It was time to come back to the San Jacinto County old Jail and Museum. We had questions that needed to be answered. The disembodied voice of a child that was heard in part 1 had to be associated with the school house on this property and we wanted proof. We wanted to concentrate on the old school house but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to investigate the old jail again, even if it was only a few hours.

Part 2 of this 3 part series will take place in the old jail and wait until you see what we caught on camera. You will not be disappointed. Make sure you like and subscribe to the Ghost Texas channel. Hit that notification button to be notified on all future videos.



About the Author
I have been interested in the paranormal for over 30 years and investigating ghosts for 15 of those. I started an investigating group with with some of the best in the business. Guys I have known for 25 years. We are out here to investigate and document some of the best evidence to share with you.

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