Hotel Galvez: Room for the Dead

By Rachel Sheffler | Jul 1, 2020

With its history of war, natural disaster, visiting dignitaries and celebrities, suicide, haunted paintings – the Hotel Galvez is a true treasure trove for the ghost geek.

The Haunted Bolivar Lighthouse

By Rachel Sheffler | Jun 18, 2020

Down in Port Bolivar, on the Bolivar Peninsula, stands the haunted Bolivar lighthouse.

The Haunted De Soto Hotel

By Miranda Crist | Jun 16, 2020

The De Soto Hotel in El Paso, Texas was built in 1905. It is currently home to 47 residents, with two rooms that are reserved for guests.

After The Investigation: Home Sweet Home

By Melvin Maya | Mar 9, 2020

In this episode of After The Investigation: Home Sweet Home, Patrick and I will be discussing our thoughts on the Home Sweet Home investigation.

Home Sweet Home | Episode 3

By Melvin Maya | Nov 23, 2019

She was quite confident that his spirit was still there, in her home sweet home.

Sam Houston Madness!

By Jerry Futch | Sep 19, 2019

The saddest reality a Texan could possibly muster about a phantom alligator is the inherent impossibility of phantom alligator meat.

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