Sam Houston Madness!

Sam Houston Madness!

Located in Huntsville, Texas

Sam Houston State Park: Huntsville, Texas

The saddest reality a Texan could possibly muster about a phantom alligator is the inherent impossibility of phantom alligator meat. Huntsville, Texas' own state park, which shares a namesake with the town's Sam Houston State University, also features a set of red eyes which peer from the pines. This area, in short, is a reported treasure trove for eager ghost hunters.

But will the eerie "growling" of the forest leave us pining for more?

Sam Houston National Forest: New Waverly, Texas

Yet another park, saddled with a familiar namesake, has a reported spirit with a story. The federal allotment has always carried an eerie mystique, but a 2005 homicide increased the haunting narrative tenfold. Even before this most recent event, the resident haunted burial ground, Old Waverly cemetery has generational lore of hauntings, a common disembodied voice, and gravestones right out of a Tim Burton film. If you choose to track ghosts in the park, please mind the elusive sasquatch population. Along with ghosts and fauna, bigfoot (bigfeet?) are a common aim for some hopeful visitors.

Sam Houston House

The crown Jewel of the eccentric general’s trifecta is his home and office, now converted into a memorial museum. Visitors and workers at Houston’s final law office have reported hearing and even SEEING phantom footsteps on the grounds. Disembodied voices are reported in The steamboat house, where the mythic Tennessean/Texan diplomat succumbed to pneumonia in 1863.

Oakwood Cemetery

We would be remiss if we didn’t address Texas’ inaugural governor’s final resting place. While not reportedly haunted by the man himself, Oakwood Cemetery is considered to be one of the most haunted outdoor attractions in the Lone Star State. After a brief visit to the man’s grave, you should pop over to “Black Jesus”. The striking, bronze, marker, erected over the grave of a 5-year-old boy, was said to have turned black soon after erection. Add to this, Visitors claim to have seen the rigid monument with his hands facing down at night, despite being built palms up. No amount of cleaning can clean the perfectly inexplicable details of Houston’s eternal neighbor.


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