Disembodied Voice of a Child at the Old San Jacinto County Jail | Ghost Texas E4 Part 1

San Jancinto County Jail and Museum

Located in San Jacinto County

When we were told that we had access to investigate an old county jail with claims of employees and inmates who never left, we didn’t hesitate to jump on that opportunity. Ghost Texas grabbed every camera and ghost hunting tool we could find to show you some incredible evidence. We made two separate trips to this old jail and it’s grounds. An old school house sits on the property which we will investigate and get more amazing evidence to show you.

Please enjoy Part 1 of Episode 4 and let us know what you think about the disembodied voice caught? Did you hear what we heard? Tell us in the comments what you think.



About the Author
For over three decades, my fascination with the paranormal has driven my quest to understand the unexplained. I've dedicated the past 15 years of my life to the in-depth investigation of ghostly phenomena. During this journey, I established a team of seasoned experts in the field – individuals I've had the privilege of knowing for a quarter of a century. Our primary mission is to explore and meticulously record compelling evidence, which we eagerly share with you.

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