After The Investigation: Home Sweet Home

After The Investigation

Home Sweet Home

In this episode of After The Investigation: Home Sweet Home, Patrick and I will be discussing our thoughts on the Home Sweet Home investigation. We go over some of the evidence we captured, some of the things we couldn’t quite explain, and answered some of the questions we received about this investigation. If you haven’t already watched Episode 3 “Home Sweet Home”, you should go watch that first. As we stated in the video, if you would like to receive some of our promo merch, tells us in the comments and we’ll get in touch with you to mail some out. Just as a reminder, it’s only available to U.S. residents.


About the Author
The intrigue of paranormal activity has always held me captive. As a dedicated photographer and videographer, I make it my mission to seize the enigmatic and the unexplainable through my lenses. Sometimes, our investigations reveal rational explanations, but there are those extraordinary moments where the mysteries persist, leaving us in awe.

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