Woman Hollering Creek: The Weeping Woman of Saint Hedwig, TX

By Rachel Sheffler | Jul 30, 2020

Hollering Woman in Woman Hollering Creek maintains that the woman is still grieving and searching for her murdered family along the banks

White Rock Lake | The Lady of the Lake

By Rachel Sheffler | Jul 25, 2020

How she came to be a ghost on White Rock Lake

The National Ranching Heritage Center | Haunted? Or Not?

By Rachel Sheffler | Jul 18, 2020

The oldest structure at the NRHC dates back to 1780.

The Haunted Texas Governor’s Mansion: Politics and Suicide

By Rachel Sheffler | Jul 9, 2020

The state capital boasts plenty of hauntings and stories of bloody tragedy in the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

Hotel Galvez: Room for the Dead

By Rachel Sheffler | Jul 1, 2020

With its history of war, natural disaster, visiting dignitaries and celebrities, suicide, haunted paintings – the Hotel Galvez is a true treasure trove for the ghost geek.

The Haunted Bolivar Lighthouse

By Rachel Sheffler | Jun 18, 2020

Down in Port Bolivar, on the Bolivar Peninsula, stands the haunted Bolivar lighthouse.

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