Rumors of Ghostly Activity at The Magoffin Homestead

By Melvin Maya | Jul 13, 2022

Despite the rumors of ghostly activity, the Magoffin Homestead is a beautiful and historic site that is well worth a visit.

The History of Flag Pole Hill Park

By Melvin Maya | Jun 30, 2022

The history of Flag Pole Hill Park dates back to the early 1900s, when it was originally used as a military training ground.

Stories About the Haunted Camp Lula Sams

By Melvin Maya | May 8, 2022

One of the most well-known stories about the haunted Camp Lula Sams is that of a young girl who drowned in the camp’s swimming pool many years ago.

French’s Ghost Still Haunts the Museum to This Day

By Melvin Maya | Apr 21, 2022

According to local legend, French’s ghost still haunts the museum to this day.

Clay Pit Holds a Darker Reputation as Being Haunted

By Melvin Maya | Mar 19, 2022

For some, the Clay Pit holds a darker reputation as being haunted by the ghost of a former employee.

Ghosts and Paranormal Activity at Miss Molly’s Hotel

By Melvin Maya | Feb 6, 2022

Despite the rumors of ghosts and paranormal activity, Miss Molly’s Hotel remains a popular and beloved destination for tourists and locals alike.

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