Famous Ghosts at The Tremont House

By Melvin Maya | Apr 15, 2019

One of the most famous ghosts at the Tremont House is said to be that of a young girl named Sallie.

Well-known Spirits at The Beckham Hotel

By Melvin Maya | Mar 18, 2019

One of the most well-known spirits at the Beckham Hotel is that of a young woman who is said to have died in room 202.

Did You Know There’s a Cemetery On The Freeway in Spring, Texas?

By Melvin Maya | Feb 11, 2019

The Wunsche Family Cemetery is a small, historic cemetery located off the northbound I-45 freeway in Spring, Texas.

Strange Occurrences in The Esperson Buildings

By Melvin Maya | Jan 17, 2019

There have been numerous reports of strange occurrences in the Esperson Buildings.

Magnolia Cemetery of Houston

By Patrick Theriot | Dec 6, 2018

Magnolia Cemetery is a historic cemetery located west of downtown Houston, Texas. A place of historic significance in Houston, and it remains a final resting place to the many of Houston’s wealthiest families.

Exploring Allen’s Landing

By Patrick Theriot | Dec 5, 2018

Exploring Allen’s Landing, Houston’s original port. After wandering around downtown Houston, and taking photos of historic areas, we found a forgotten gem, Allen’s Landing.

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