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After The investigation: San Jacinto County Old Jail & Museum

We share our findings from our 3-part episode and also discuss some things that didn’t make it into the final episodes.

Donkey Lady Still Haunts The Bridge

Some say that the Donkey Lady still haunts the bridge, searching for her husband and seeking revenge.

Ghost Rumored to Haunt the Angelo Civic Theatre

Another ghost rumored to haunt the Angelo Civic Theatre is that of a man who died in a fire at the theatre many years ago.

Rumors of Ghostly Activity at The Magoffin Homestead

Despite the rumors of ghostly activity, the Magoffin Homestead is a beautiful and historic site that is well worth a visit.

The History of Flag Pole Hill Park

The history of Flag Pole Hill Park dates back to the early 1900s, when it was originally used as a military training ground.

Stories About the Haunted Camp Lula Sams

One of the most well-known stories about the haunted Camp Lula Sams is that of a young girl who drowned in the camp’s swimming pool many years ago.

French’s Ghost Still Haunts the Museum to This Day

According to local legend, French’s ghost still haunts the museum to this day.

Clay Pit Holds a Darker Reputation as Being Haunted

For some, the Clay Pit holds a darker reputation as being haunted by the ghost of a former employee.

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