Clay Pit Holds a Darker Reputation as Being Haunted

Clay Pit Holds a Darker Reputation as Being Haunted

Located in Downtown Austin, Texas

The Clay Pit in Austin, Texas is a popular restaurant known for its delicious Indian and Pakistani cuisine. But for some, the Clay Pit holds a darker reputation as being haunted by the ghost of a former employee.

According to local legend, the ghost is that of a chef who worked at the Clay Pit in the 1980s. One night, after a long shift at the restaurant, the chef was walking home when he was mugged and killed. Some say that his spirit returned to the Clay Pit, where he has been haunting the restaurant ever since.

There have been numerous reports of strange occurrences at the Clay Pit over the years. Some say that they have seen the ghost of the chef walking through the kitchen or standing at the counter, while others claim to have heard footsteps and strange noises coming from empty rooms. Some employees have even reported feeling a presence in the restaurant, as if they are being watched by someone unseen.

Despite these eerie reports, the Clay Pit remains a popular destination for foodies in Austin. Many people who have experienced the alleged hauntings have attributed them to the restaurant's old age, saying that the building is simply settling or that the noises are caused by the pipes. Others, however, believe that the Clay Pit is truly haunted and that the ghost of the former chef is still present.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the Clay Pit is definitely worth a visit for its delicious food and unique atmosphere. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any strange occurrences while you're there!


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