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Paranormal Investigator | Photographer | Videographer | Blogger | Vlogger | I have always been fascinated by paranormal activity. As a photographer and videographer, I try my best to capture the mysterious and inexplicable on film. Sometimes we are able to find a logical explanation for what we see, but other times, the events remain a mystery.

The Haunted Red Room Lounge

The Haunted Red Room Lounge in Austin, Texas is a popular spot for those seeking a thrill and a dose of the paranormal.

The Haunted Sarah Jane Road

The Haunted Sarah Jane Road in Beaumont, Texas is a location that has garnered a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the state.

Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park

The Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas is a popular local legend that has been the subject of many a horror story and urban myth over the years.

Strange and Unsettling Experiences at the Catfish Plantation

Customers and employees alike have reported strange and unsettling experiences at the Catfish Plantation.

Texas Killing Fields Have Gained National Attention

The Texas Killing Fields have gained national attention over the years, and several books and documentaries have been produced about the case.

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