About the Author
The intrigue of paranormal activity has always held me captive. As a dedicated photographer and videographer, I make it my mission to seize the enigmatic and the unexplainable through my lenses. Sometimes, our investigations reveal rational explanations, but there are those extraordinary moments where the mysteries persist, leaving us in awe.

Paranormal Activity at the Olde Park Hotel

There are many stories of strange occurrences and paranormal activity at the Olde Park Hotel.

Ghost Rumored to Haunt the Omni Austin Hotel

Another ghost rumored to haunt the Omni Austin Hotel is that of a former employee who committed suicide in one of the hotel rooms.

The Legend of the Goatman Bridge

The legend of the Goatman dates back to the 1950s, when residents of the area began reporting strange and unsettling occurrences on and around the bridge.

The Haunted Paramount Theatre

Paramount holds a darker reputation as a haunted location.

The Haunted Arlington Music Hall of Arlington Texas

There have been numerous reports of strange noises and ghostly apparitions being seen in the building.

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