The Donnellan Crypt

The Donnellan Crypt

Located In Downtown Houston, TX

Whether you are a Houstonian by birth or a transplant from another city, chances are you didn’t know that just a few blocks from Spaghetti Warehouse and Allen's Landing, there's a 170-year-old crypt under the Franklin Street bridge in Downtown Houston, TX.

For nearly 170 years, the Donnellan Crypt has been under the Franklin Street Bridge. It’s believed that some of Houston’s earliest settlers were buried here: Timothy Donnellan, who passed away in 1849 and was later joined by his wife Emily in 1867. Lastly, their son Henry Donnellan was also buried there. Henry died a few months before his mother did, he suffered injuries from an explosive cannonball he picked up that was leftover from the Civil War, found in the shallows of Buffalo Bayou.

The Donnellan remains were moved to Glenwood Cemetery in 1903 to allow construction of the Franklin Street bridge. Right now, the best view of the old vault is either by boat along the bayou or on the bike and walking trail.


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