Historic Driskill Hotel

Historic Driskill Hotel

Located West in Downtown Austin, TX

The Historic Driskill Hotel dates back to 1886 and is named after Colonel Jesse Driskill who built the hotel. While it has some amazing architecture from the outside, it’s known more for it’s haunted history over the past 130 plus years.

The Driskill Hotel has seen thousands of guests over the years and it’s said that not all the guests left the hotel. It’s believed that Driskill himself, still roams the hallways. The staff has made claims to smell the scent of his cigars.

According to reports, room 525 is one of the most haunted rooms resulting in the suicides of 2 different brides over a period of 20 years. Guests who have stayed in room 525 say they can still feel the presence of the women.

There have also been claims of a little girl holding flowers in the hotel. It’s not uncommon to feel someone brushing up against you. The question is, is it the little girl, the brides, or Colonel Jesse Driskill?

These occurrences as well as many others are what make The Driskill one of Austin’s most haunted hotels.


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