Exploring Allen’s Landing

Exploring Allen's Landing

Located In Downtown Houston, TX

Exploring Allen’s Landing, Houston’s original port. After wandering around downtown Houston, and taking photos of historic areas, we found a forgotten gem, Allen’s Landing. We wanted to know a little bit more about this area and this is what we learned.

Allen's Landing, also known as “Houston's Birthplace” or "Houston's Plymouth Rock," is where Augustus Chapman and John Kirby Allen stepped ashore in 1836, and claimed Houston as their own.

Allen’s Landing can be found near where Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou converge, and it is now a little-used city park tucked behind the old Spaghetti Warehouse location. Ironically enough, the building Spaghetti Warehouse occupied from 1974 until April 2018, at one time was a pharmacy that received pharmaceuticals from “the port”.

For roughly 75 years, barges navigated the Buffalo Bayou carrying coffee, cotton, and other goods right to “the port”. The city of Houston officially established the port in June 1841 and in the late 1960s, Allen's Landing was home to the city's premier nightclub, Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine ("Love Street").

If you have any insight about the Spaghetti Warehouse or Allen’s Landing please let us know.


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