Littlefield Home Haunted by George Washington Littlefield

Littlefield Home Haunted by George Washington Littlefield

Located in Austin, Texas

The Littlefield Home in Austin, Texas is a historic mansion that is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its former owner, George Washington Littlefield. The home was built in 1894 and served as the residence of Littlefield and his family for many years.

Littlefield was a successful businessman and a prominent figure in the Austin community. He made a fortune in the cattle industry and used his wealth to build the grand Victorian-style mansion.

Despite its beauty and grandeur, the Littlefield Home has long been rumored to be haunted by the ghost of George Washington Littlefield. There have been numerous reports of strange noises, doors opening and closing on their own, and even sightings of a ghostly figure roaming the halls of the mansion.

One of the most famous ghost stories associated with the Littlefield Home involves a maid who was working in the mansion one night. According to the legend, the maid was suddenly overcome with a feeling of terror and fled the house, never to return.

Some people believe that the ghost of George Washington Littlefield haunts the mansion because he was unhappy with the way his family sold off his business interests after his death. Others believe that the ghost is simply a manifestation of the negative energy that was present in the mansion during its construction.

Despite the rumors of ghosts and other supernatural occurrences, the Littlefield Home remains a popular tourist attraction in Austin. Visitors can take guided tours of the mansion and learn about its history and the many stories of ghosts and hauntings that have been associated with it over the years.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Littlefield Home is a fascinating piece of history and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Austin, Texas. So if you're feeling brave, take a tour of this haunted mansion and see for yourself if the ghost of George Washington Littlefield is still lurking within its walls.


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