Hauntings at Hotel Icon

Hauntings at Hotel Icon

Located in Downtown Houston, Texas

Hotel Icon, located in the heart of downtown Houston, Texas, is a luxurious hotel with a rich history and a reputation for hauntings.

The hotel was built in 1911 and originally served as the Union National Bank Building. It was designed in the Beaux-Arts style, with a grand marble lobby and ornate details throughout. The bank operated in the building for over 50 years before it was converted into a hotel in the 1960s.

Over the years, the hotel has undergone several renovations and expansions, but it has managed to maintain its historic charm. It is now a popular destination for travelers and locals alike, offering stylish guest rooms, fine dining, and top-notch amenities.

But despite its modern amenities and luxurious atmosphere, Hotel Icon has a reputation for being haunted. There have been numerous reports of ghostly activity in the hotel, particularly in the lobby and basement. Some say they have seen the ghost of a former bank employee wandering the halls, while others have reported hearing strange noises and seeing objects moving on their own.

One of the most well-known hauntings at Hotel Icon is the story of a young woman who was supposedly killed in a fire at the hotel in the 1920s. Many people have claimed to see her ghost, often described as a young woman with long, flowing hair, wandering the halls and appearing in mirrors.

There are also rumors of a ghostly bartender who can be seen behind the bar in the hotel's restaurant, as well as the ghost of a former hotel manager who is said to haunt the guest rooms.

Despite these spooky stories, Hotel Icon remains a popular destination for travelers and is known for its luxurious accommodations and impeccable service. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there's no denying that the hotel has a rich history and a mysterious past. If you're feeling brave, you might just want to book a stay and see if you experience any paranormal activity for yourself.


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