Bowden Road aka “Demons Road” and Martha Chapel Cemetery

Bowden Road aka "Demons Road" and Martha Chapel Cemetery

Located in Huntsville, TX

Bowden Road aka "Demons Road" and Martha Chapel Cemetery has been called the most haunted road and cemetery in the state of Texas, maybe the country. The Name Martha's Chapel was most likely derived from the name of the first person buried in the new church's cemetery, Martha Palmer.

Martha's Chapel, a church community also known as Robinson's Settlement, was seven miles southwest of Huntsville. The cemetery is the middle of what was the settlement. Claims of voices and shadow people have been made in the cemetery along with spirit hands coming out of the ground to grab unexpected passers-by. Locals warn curious people who desire to brave the graveyard not to provoke the spirits. Many claim that if you do be prepared to have a spirit follow you home after being in the cemetery.

When going to Martha's Chapel Cemetery your travels will be taken on Bowden Road. Some witnesses claim that your car will rock as if someone is pushing it. Those very witnesses have also seen handprints appearing on your car. Reports of mysterious red lights are also seen along "Demons Road".

Can you brave staying the night in this cemetery?


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