Clowning Around | Episode 1

Clowning Around | Episode 1

Clowning Around, Episode 1 takes place at the home of a family in Cypress, TX. The family reached out to us after experiencing some unexplainable events. Upon speaking with the family, we learned that these events began to happen more frequently once some new items were introduced into the household. Or should we actually say, some old items? What was brought into the home was a collection of clown dolls, most of which were purchased from resale shops, and their history is unknown. As you’ll see in our investigation, the homeowner makes mention of coming home to a cross on the floor and shattered glass. As well as visiting a metaphysical shop, and one of the store operators saying that they could sense negative energy from a particular tattoo on one of the residences of the home. At one point a book mysteriously disappeared from the home, then reappeared several days later. All of these occurrences are what brought us to this home to do a thorough investigation.

Upon investigating the home, we did get some activity that we could not explain. While we didn’t feel that any of the activity came across in a negative manner, we still couldn’t make sense of what was the root cause of the activity. We did capture a few EVP’s, as well as some direct responses on the Spirit Box. Upon completing our investigation, we did ask that if there was anything trapped there in the home, to please move on. Following our investigation, the homeowner also did a “smudging” on the house. We’ve had a few follow up conversations with the family since our paranormal investigation to see if they have continued to experience any other activity, and as of today, there has not been anymore events.

While we can’t say for sure that our investigation is what lead the activity to stop, we are happy to know that there hasn’t been any continued activity.

If you saw or heard anything in the video that we may have missed, please let us know in the comments.

We are actively investing all throughout Texas, and sometimes even beyond! So if you know of some places that we should visit, please let us know. Make sure to keep checking back for our upcoming investigation. Our next one will be Martha’s Chapel Cemetery, aka “Demon Road” in Huntsville, TX.

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