Black Swan Inn

Black Swan Inn

Located In San Antonio, TX

Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, TX is as beautiful as it is haunted. The now Wedding Venue is located on the street named after one of its previous owners Holbrook. The land where this house sits has seen its fair share of tragedy. From landowners dying on the property from cancer, suicide and natural causes. Before all that, this land was the site of the bloody Battle of Salado, one of the battles leading to Texas’ independence. The battle was directed by Colonel Matthew Caldwell.

The Black Swan Inn has had several paranormal investigators visit the location. In 1996, the television show "Sightings" filmed a segment at Victoria's Black Swan Inn. The house was also featured in the Travel Channel's TV series "Ghost Adventures" in 2013.

Some Claims on the property involve lights turning off and on, ghost children playing pranks, and items relocating in the woods from its previous spot. Other notable events include biting from something not seen to apparitions in the house and on the land.

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