Did Billy the Kid Really Die

Did Billy the Kid Really Die

Or did he live on and later die in Hico, TX?

Did Billy the Kid really die by the hands of Pat Garrett? A small town 70 miles NW of Waco, Texas is the final resting place of a man named Ollie “Brushy Bill” Roberts? Before “Brushy Bill’s” death he claimed to be “The REAL Billy the Kid”. The same Billy the Kid that in fact did not die in Fort Sumner, New Mexico on that summer night forever ago.

On July 14th, 1881 at the very young age of 21, Billy the Kid was gunned down by Sheriff Pat Garrett in the streets of Fort Sumner. This is what the history books want you to believe anyway. For 69 years one man kept a secret so big that it would shock history buffs to its core?

Here’s the story: In 1950 a man from Hico, Texas made such a claim that most turned and walked away with their hands over their ears. But his story was so convincing to one man, a lawyer, that he had no choice but to believe. This lawyer even went so far as to write the President of the United States (Harry Truman) requesting a pardon for which the governor of New Mexico in 1880 promised Billy. He never received that pardon due to dying of a stroke shortly after the letter was sent. After his death, the town immortalized him with statues, museums, and gift shops lining the streets of this small beautiful town.

I am a believer, a believer that Pat Garrett spared Billy that night and exiled him from New Mexico to save his life. Could he of ended up in Texas, change his name, establish a new life in a small town. I believe… I want to believe!


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