About the Author
The intrigue of paranormal activity has always held me captive. As a dedicated photographer and videographer, I make it my mission to seize the enigmatic and the unexplainable through my lenses. Sometimes, our investigations reveal rational explanations, but there are those extraordinary moments where the mysteries persist, leaving us in awe.

Clowning Around | Episode 1

Clowning Around, Episode 1 takes place at the home of a family in Cypress, TX. The family reached out to us after experiencing some unexplainable events.

The Haunted Dead Man’s Hole

The Haunted Dead Man’s Hole in Marble Falls, Texas is a popular tourist attraction that is known for its eerie atmosphere and spooky legend.

Famous Ghosts at The Tremont House

One of the most famous ghosts at the Tremont House is said to be that of a young girl named Sallie.

Well-known Spirits at The Beckham Hotel

One of the most well-known spirits at the Beckham Hotel is that of a young woman who is said to have died in room 202.

Did You Know There’s a Cemetery On The Freeway in Spring, Texas?

The Wunsche Family Cemetery is a small, historic cemetery located off the northbound I-45 freeway in Spring, Texas.

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