The Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus

The Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus

Located in Harlingen, TX and San Angelo, TX

A Haunty Two-Fer: The Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus

Hey guys. Been a while since my last post – just been really busy with classes and readings and such. Here I’m trying to make up for that by giving you the low-down on two hauntings instead of just one – fair?

So, I decided to combine two topics in one because of the scarcity of information on them; if I’d done one blog post for each, the Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus would have only gotten a few sentences each.

When I say there’s nothing on these hauntings, I mean NOTHING. No Wikipedia, nothing mentioned in the history of Harlingen, where the Matz location is, and nothing mentioned in the history of San Angelo, where the Heritage Haus location is.

Apart from a couple articles that barely mention each location and some personal accounts on a couple of ghost sites, I found virtually nothing to write on. Which, like my blog on the National Ranching Heritage Center, makes me all the more curious as to what started these hauntings and why.

So let’s start with the Crying Girl of Matz Street. It’s actually Matz Avenue, and there’s an East portion and a West portion of the avenue, and this is in Harlingen, TX. The haunting in question is on the western section of Matz Avenue.

Nobody knows who the crying girl is – the accounts all describe either coming into contact with a young girl who is despondent and weeping while walking down the street, or having activity in their houses on Matz Avenue. The ghost, when encountered on the street, is unresponsive even to offers of help. That suggests a residual type haunting, but when you also consider the accounts of ghostly activity in people’s houses, it could mean there are two aspects of the haunting.

That is, if it’s the same spirit.

There could be an echo of whatever happened to this girl on the street, and that may be residual – hence the lack of actual interaction when the ghost comes into contact with people while walking outside. Then there could be an aspect of the haunting where the actual consciousness, or part of the consciousness of this deceased female is haunting houses up and down the Avenue with activity like doors locking for no reason, cupboards standing open when they were closed only an instant ago, etc.

But like I said, it may be there are at least two separate hauntings – there seems to be very little information backing up claims that the activity inside the houses is the same entity that people see out on the sidewalk.

I read a couple of articles about the history of Harlingen, looking for potential disasters or crimes that might tell who this little girl could be. I found nothing. That’s not to say that someone who is very determined with a lot of time on their hands might not find some data when scrolling through old records and newspapers and such.

Now, on to Heritage Haus in San Angelo, TX. There are a couple of articles that state that pretty much all buildings in downtown San Angelo have a haunting – and I find that fascinating, don’t you? Anybody up for a ghost vacation in San Angelo?
The Heritage Haus location used to be an antique and lighting shop before the current owners bought it and turned it into a clock shop. And that location housed other businesses before that – San Angelo is an older town with a lot of history, and the buildings in the downtown area have changed hands and purposes many times throughout the decades.

The most informative article I found on the female, music-loving ghost of Heritage Haus stated that a female apparition has been seen near a back staircase before fading into thin air. This particular article also claimed that the current owners, the Valis family, experience a lot of physical activity in the form of objects moving – although they have not actually seen the apparition.

Martin Valis, the owner of Heritage Haus, also recounted an instance when his granddaughter was playing flute in the area above the shop and had a bit of a tussle over the piece of music she was playing. The article recounts how the granddaughter flipped a page to a different piece of music, only to watch the pages flip back to the previous piece multiple times, apparently by an unseen hand. When Valis’ granddaughter resumed playing that piece again, the ghost apparently enjoyed the performance and the fight over pages stopped.

The contrast between the two cases is interesting – in both, there are claims of objects moving and the activity is assumed to be perpetrated by a female entity. However, in the Matz Avenue case, the supposition is that a distraught childlike female entity is at the root of the haunting; the Heritage Haus haunting seems to be more of an adult female who seems to have a sense of humor.

I also find the musical component to the Heritage Haus haunting particularly interesting. Sacred sound and music are used to great effect in energy healing, and I wonder if the ghost of Heritage Haus finds it so. Would she consider moving on if the right music were played for her?

The Matz Avenue haunting – who is this little girl? Is it really a little girl, or is it another energy masquerading in that form? Many people do not know that energies can choose how they manifest. This is why some hauntings seem to start with sweet looking little girls, and end up being powerful, evil spirits – or how some mediums always seem to see passed humans in their death-states instead of how the spirits appeared in life.

If the Matz Avenue entity is a little girl, how did she come to be there? The lack of information on crimes, disasters, etc. is odd – maybe she was a little girl who lived on the avenue and died of illness.

Or – and this is a bit more metaphysical – what if she popped out of a portal around that location and decided to stick around? Another possibility – what if she just kept wandering after her death, crossing miles and miles, until she came to that spot and decided to stick around for some unknown reason?

Unfortunately, in both these hauntings we have way more questions than answers due to the lack of definitive information about the locations and the entities themselves. I didn’t find any reputable posts about people who actually were able to speak with the Matz Avenue ghost, nor the Heritage Haus entity either.

So I leave you pondering, dear reader – and one more thing:

the Realtor.com website has a listing for a house for sale on East Matz Avenue as of the date of this blogpost. Anybody out there house-hunting?

Keep it creepy, y’all.

Rachel Sheffler


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Rachel Sheffler is a native Texan from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and is an ardent student and seeker of all things Spirit-related. She loves ghost stories, history, and learning about paranormal research. Rachel is a medium and psychic intuitive, a Reiki master and energy healer. She offers private readings and energy healing sessions in a compassionate, honest, and humorous style, with a strong focus on helping people heal within.  You can find out more about Rachel by visiting her website and her Facebook page. (Links below)

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